LW Collection Wall clock Benjamin black 80CM - Wall clock modern - Silent clockwork - Industrial wall clock

€123,96 €140,49

Clock Benjamin

Clocksare no longer just hanging on walls to tell the time. In our modern households we also demand that ourclocks actually add something to our wall. Not a boring, ugly clock, but a decorative eye-catcher from which we love to read the time.

LW Collection

The LW Collection range offers a wide range of various clocks, including the specialwall clock from the series Benjamin.


This  round black clock with a size of 80 cm has a trendy look and fits into any interior. This clock is a favorite with customers who do not want to be tied down to 1 specific living style and want to retain the freedom to experiment with their interior without having to purchase a new clock every time.Wall clock Oliver is timeless and modern and can therefore be perfectly combined with various living styles.

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