LW Collection Wall clock XL Levi gray greek 80cm - Wall clock roman numerals - Industrial wall clock silent movement

€99,13 €107,43

Country wall clock LEVI 80cm

Enthusiasts of robust large clocks can indulge themselves! New in our range is this tough clock from the LEVI series. This striking clock has not been available at LW Collection for very long and is already one of our runners!

Limited Edition

Not surprising since we have limited production of this series, which means that it is available in limited quantities. This way the clock remains unique and the proud owner is assured of an exclusive purchase!

Wall clock / wall clock with gears

The wall clock with gears is available in 2 different colors and different sizes. The color black/bronze/gold fits well with various living styles. Retro, industrial, rural or modern. Wall clock LEVI completes your interior!

Wall clock with silent movement

Silent clocksfrom LW Collection let time pass silently. Because of the silent movement you will not hear any 'ticking' and the silent wall clock, for example, is also suitable for your bedroom. Choose from one of the manysoundlesswall clocksin ourcollection.

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