LW Collection Wall clock Nikki2 53cm - wall clock brown

€24,75 €33,05

Clock Nikki2

Searching for a suitable wall clock for your home can be a time-consuming and difficult task. After all, a clock is no longer just functional, but must also match the interior. LW Collection offers a wide range of various clocks for different interior styles.

Wall clock 53cm
Are you mainly looking for a clock with a distinct design or do you prefer a neutralclock that fits multiple styles? In this series, LW Collection offers several wall clocks with a size of 53 cm. These wall clocks have a unique design and are therefore very popular with our customers.

Wall clock Nikki2
is not a standard clock that you will affect households. Our customers who brought this beautiful clock into their home were explicitly looking for an exclusive eye-catching wall clock on the wall.

Wall clock with silent movement

Silent clocksfrom LW Collection let time pass silently. Due to the silent movement you will not hear any 'ticking' and thesilentwall clock, for example, is also suitable for your bedroom. Choose from one of the manysoundlesswall clocksin ourcollection.

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